The Most Dangerous Isotope In Your Water

And It Can't Be Removed With A Filter

 Learn More About Deuterium And Why Eliminating It Is So Beneficial To Your Health

What Is Deuterium?

Let's go back to science class for a moment, shall we? You probably remember the periodic table of elements from chemistry class (and how much of a pain it was to memorize).

Do you remember hydrogen? The lightest element, represented by the atomic number 1?

 Yes? Awesome. See, you did retain something!

Okay, stick with us now: Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen with a nucleus consisting of the same single proton as hydrogen but with an additional neutron.

This doubles the mass of the molecule and gives it its nickname: "Heavy Hydrogen."


You probably also remember learning about water in chemistry class, don't you? Water, commonly referred to as H2O, consists of—you guessed it—two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

So while all water on earth naturally contains hydrogen, a certain amount also contains deuterium, the heavy version of hydrogen.

When it comes to ocean water, deuterium accounts for about 0.02 percent of all the hydrogen found in the water, but other water sources have varying amounts.

You're probably thinking: 0.02 percent? That's quite low, isn't it?

Well, on the one hand, it is. But when you consider the amount of water we consume daily, that ends up being quite a bit of deuterium.

Now, if you've never heard of deuterium up until now, that's perfectly understandable. Even in science classes, it's not something you commonly hear of. But more about that later...

The important thing to know is that we can manually increase and decrease the amounts of deuterium concentrations in water. If you want to know exactly how it's done, click here  (just make sure you put on your science caps before you do).

Light Water vs. Heavy Water

Light water simply refers to water that has had its naturally occurring deuterium reduced through manmade means.

Heavy water, as you probably guessed, is water that has had the levels of deuterium increased.  

Again, if you want to know more about how that's done, please read our FAQ section  for all the complex science stuff. But for now, let's look at the various effects that light and heavy water can have.

First off, it's important to understand that deuterium is not a toxin. As we mentioned, it is a naturally occurring isotope found in our bodies and nature.

The problem arises when there is too much of it in our bodies. The result is mitochondrial dysfunction.

Mitochondria use aerobic respiration to generate most of our cell's adenosine triphosphate (ATP) supply. ATP is then used throughout the cell as a source of chemical energy.

Mitochondrial dysfunction results in a wide variety of damaging health effects, including premature aging, metabolic problems, and disease.

Want to see just how damaging deuterium can be? Look at this demonstration where two Evergreen plants were given ordinary water and deuterium-concentrated, heavy water for a period of fourteen days.

concentrated Deuterium kills plant

If deuterium can have such a dramatic effect on a plant, would you really want this isotope in your body if you could help it? See, light water—that which has had the deuterium removed—has the opposite effect.

When your water has less deuterium in it, mitochondria function improves. That leads to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) increasing. And that, in turn, results in superior creation and distribution of energy throughout the body.

Okay, Great, But How Come I've Never Heard Of This Before?

First off, Deuterium was only discovered relatively recently, in 1931 by an American chemist named Harold C. Urey and his associates Ferdinand G. Brickwedde and George M. Murphy.

Secondly, a common misconception is that anything naturally occurring in nature cannot harm us. But if you take a moment to think about this statement, it's obviously false.

Nature is full of toxic substances that can be deadly. Some, like the venom from a snake or spider, require only small amounts to do us harm. Others, like deuterium, only present a problem when there is a buildup over a period of time.

Again, it is when deuterium concentrations become too high that problems occur. Right now, as you are reading this, you have deuterium in your body. The question is, how much?

If you are healthy and your body isn't presenting any signs of disease, that's fantastic. But as long as the deuterium remains in your body and its level goes unchecked, it will increase your risk of developing disease or illness down the line.

And That Is Exactly What Happened To Me...

Hi, my name is Mark, and I am the founder of Orise Modern Life Water. I'd like to take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself, my company, and why my life's mission is to share the benefits of deuterium depleted water with the world.

Back in 2013, after suffering a traumatic accident slip and fall when exiting my vehicle I was left with a broken back.

I quickly learned that the little things I took for granted were some of the biggest blessings in life. I couldn't get of bed without assistance, and I couldn't move without a walker. In fact, I couldn't even change my own clothes...

I was told that the only option I had was surgery spinal surgery. As you can imagine, I didn't think twice about it. I knew that I couldn't go on living the way I was, and I was terribly frightened by the prospect of never being able to live normally again.

So, I went under the knife...

And came out with a staph infection. Not only that but I was told I would require a second surgery to irrigate the infected area and remove and replace the hardware in the L5-S1 lower lumber section of my spine in to the L5-S1region. I was not thrilled about the prospect of another surgery, but again, I had no real alternative.

The result? The screw that was supposed to support and heal my back was misplaced, and I found myself both incapacitated and in excruciating pain.

Now my only option was epidural steroid injections. Many people do not know that these injections while providing great relief, can be tremendously risky since they increase blood glucose levels.

And that's exactly what happened to me. I found myself in the hospital with a

blood sugar level of 944. By all accounts, I should have died that day.

I was left with damage to my eyes and skin, looking like a burn victim. And on top of all the pain and suffering I had already been through, I was now diagnosed as diabetic.

At this point, I was—as you can probably understand—fed up with the medical system. A procedure that was supposed to heal me led to a series of problems that left me in worse condition than when I started.

I had resolved to not give another minute or dollar to the medical system. But I also had no intention of giving up. I wasn't sure why, but something inside me told me that I could find a way to heal myself. That my body had the ability to heal itself...

That's How I Discovered Deuterium Depleted Water

Throughout my struggle with all these health problems, there was one thing I couldn't wrap my head around: why couldn't my body heal itself?

Prior to and after my accident, I was what many people would call a "health nut." I watched what I ate, always avoiding processed, inflammatory foods. I exercised vigorously on a daily basis. I never smoked. I didn't even drink alcohol.

Something didn't add up. How could a physical injury snowball into so many different health problems? It just didn't make sense to me. And the doctors couldn't explain what was going on, neither could any other "medical professional" I spoke to.

It was time to figure this out on my own.

After spending months combing across the internet, trying any and every alternative medicinal treatment out there, I was still no better than I was before.

Eventually, though, I discovered deuterium-depleted water. I admit that, initially, I was skeptical of the health benefit claims. Not only could it help the body unlock its innate healing ability, but it could also treat chronic illnesses and boost energy levels.

It was a lot to swallow. You, sitting here right now, reading this, might understandably also be skeptical. But as I—or anyone else suffering from chronic pain—can attest that when you're hurting enough, there isn't much you aren't willing to try.

Modern-Life water middle age man holding a bottle of water wondering with is his water.

So I started purchasing and exclusively drinking deuterium-depleted water. It wasn't always easy, and it took a great deal of effort to make sure I was only drinking deuterium-depleted water, but I stuck with it.

When I went for a checkup, and the doctor measured my blood sugar, my A1C was down to 5.3! Before this, it was 13 on average! Not only that, my oxygen saturation was now 100% when before it had been 95.

The doctor asked me what I had been doing. When I told him about the water, he didn't seem all that interested in it.

But I didn't care. With that little bit of positive change under my belt, I continued strictly drinking deuterium-depleted water.

Fast-forward to today, and I walking without a walker or a cane. It would seem that once I removed the deuterium from my body, the innate healing powers began to awaken.

Furthermore, my skin and eyes have healed. I am off all medications and am no longer classified as diabetic. I no longer need to rely on metformin or insulin. I am as healthy as I was before the accident. No, I am more healthy!

I am still, to be perfectly honest, astonished by my results. I founded this company because I believe so strongly in the power of deuterium-depleted water that I want to share it with the world.

But even I sometimes have trouble believing just how transformative this little-known water has been for me. Have you ever discovered or experienced something that had such a profound impact on you that you couldn't help but tell everyone about it? That is how I feel about deuterium depleted water.

The Studies On Deuterium-Depleted Water

If you haven't heard of deuterium depleted water until recently, there's a good reason for that. You see, despite some of the amazing benefits that many people have reported, there haven't been many studies on it performed in the scientific community.

Nevertheless, there have been some incredibly compelling findings in the studies that have been done. In general, reducing the deuterium in the human body helps in two ways:

  1. Boosts Energy Production
When your body has deuterium in it, it damages your mitochondria. As we mentioned, our mitochondria produce ATP, a form of chemical energy. In other words:


Less Deuterium = Better Mitochondrial Function = More ATP = More Energy

  1. Helps Maintain Healthy Cellular Structure & Signaling:

When there is too much deuterium in the body, and it replaces hydrogen as a building block for DNA, body tissue, and organs, it is common to see abnormal cell growth and immune response. These two factors are the culprits behind a number of diseases.

That being said, here is a list of studies showing promising potential for using deuterium-depleted water.


  • In a study on rats with sepsis-induced liver injuries, deuterium-depleted water (DDW) in combination with Lamiaceae, a traditional medicinal herb, was found to induce anti-inflammatory activity. [1]
  • DDW considerably suppressed cancer cell lines amoeboid movement in vitro (in a test tube, culture dish, or elsewhere outside a living organism).
  • DDW inhibits the proliferation of human MCF7 breast cancer cell lines by inducing cell cycle arrest in vitro. [2]
  • Oats may grow better in DDW [3]
  • Deuterium depletion may delay the progression of prostate cancer [4]
  • DDW may positively affect the survival of lung cancer patients and expression of Kras, Bcl2, and Myc genes in mouse lung [5]
  • There have been also been studies conducted by Chinese scientists to examine the potential inhibitory effects of deuterium-depleted water on cancers [6]

The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for, or alternative to information from your healthcare practitioner(s). Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

In short, there is a stong body of evidence supporting the theory that DDW can help treat the following ailments and diseases:

  • Lack of energy, tiredness, exhaustion, burnout
  • Sleep problems, including: sleep apnea, snoring, difficulty falling and staying asleep.
  • Weight gain
    Deuterium is the root of 90 percent of all sickness and diseases
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Skin problems such as saggy skin, wrinkles, or other signs of premature aging. Immune system problems that result in poor resistance to viruses and infections
  • Cognitive issues: brain fog, dementia, Alzheimer's
  • Cancer

Why Choose Orise Modern Life Water?

Simply put, we put more work into creating our deuterium depleted water. While some of our competitors do a fantastic job at reducing the deuterium content in their water, we take it a step further.

See, removing deuterium cannot be done by any standard filtration, distillation, or reverse-osmosis process. It is a complex, energy-intensive, and time consuming process that must be done on an industrial scale.

Our production is based on a method known as Low-Temperature Vacuum Rectification. This is simply a method to imitate and amplify the natural condensation, precipitation, and evaporation cycles of mother nature.

The result?  A more efficient method for removing deuterium. In fact, this process removes up to 97% of the deuterium in the water! This allows us to produce water with the lowest concentrations on deuterium on the market.

The only problem is it takes specialized columns up to sixty feet high to make the process work. We built a special facility in Fort Lauderdale Florida to make this happen.

If you want to learn even more about how the process works, you can read a more detailed explanation in the FAQ section below




Your got questions? we got answers, click here to see out FAQ page


For a full list of frequently asked questions, Click Here.
And remember, if you have a question or concern that isn't listed, you can always Contact Us.


● What is the process for removing deuterium?

Our production is based on a method known as
Low-Temperature Vacuum Rectification

● Is Modern Life Water safe?

Deuterium depleted water can be used just like your regular drinking water. As
always, it is best to consult with your medical provider if you have any

● Why is Modern Life Water so expensive?

deuterium cannot be done by any standard filtration. Our production is based on
a method known as Low-Temperature Vacuum Rectification. It is a time-consuming
and intensive process but it produces the most pure water on the mater.

● What does it taste like?

Most people
report no discernable difference between DDW and regular water, however, some people feel that our
water has a crisper or lighter taste compared to regular water.

● Water is in food, juices, soft drinks, coffees, teas. How can I ensure that I don't consume deuterium through those?

In order to
get the best results from our water, it is suggested that you use it
exclusively and as much as possible. That means you may have to give up your
favorite store made coffee and brew your own at home instead.