This is how Modern-Life water™  came in existence. In 2013 I broke my back due to a slip and fall. I was in bed could not move without a Walker. I could not change my own clothes.

My doctor told me that my only option was surgery, so I did the surgery that resulted in is staph infection, which lead to another revision surgery that led to them put in a screw incorrectly on my nerve.

I had it therefore over a year in the most pain imaginable.

This resulting in a third surgery to remove they misplaced screw off my nerve.

Because of the back damage plus the nerve damage from this screw, steroid injection was my only option to relieve the daily excruciating pain.

In 2018 I receive either a bad batch of epidural steroid shot or, I were overdosed by my doctor that landed me in the emergency room with a blood sugar level of 944, Only God knows why I am still here today.

This caused damage to my eyes and my skin, I was looking like a burnt victim. Plus, I am now diagnosed with diabetes.

I always eaten healthy. And is a healthy freak. I always watch what I eat, exercise daily, never drink, nor smoke. I knew that I could never be that person that I was before the accident, my only thoughts are in what ways I could be comfortable, So I do not have to be in the ER every week.

I start researching my own health, homeopathic health, because obviously, the doctors failed me. I stumbled upon this little-known product, Deuterium depleted water, it had proven research behind it, and everyone I spoke to only had good thing to say. so, I started drinking this water and in the three months after start drinking it, I went for my diabetes checkup. my lab showed that my A1C that was thirteen came down to 5.3. my hairline that was receding backwards grew back in full. My oxygen level was 100%. My doctor asked me what I am taking other than the medication, I said nothing I just drink water.

For me too gotten this type of result in this little time it was astonishing to me. The doctor took me off the medication, I did not need it I was now prediabetic, so no more metformin, or insulin.

I am now walking without a Walker I do not need my cane anymore, I am healthy as ever, my skin is beautiful, my hairline it is grown back, I truly found my fountain of youth.

Before this I did not know what, I was going to do. One minute I was healthy and happy, the next minute I am laid up in a hospital cannot move, taking all types of medication that I never took before. I remember been through the entire 2014 and did not know what happened, because I was zoned out on these medications. It is crazy.

After my six months lab results, I was convinced that I must find the way to produce This water because I need to help, I need to let people know that they are better solution out there. I wanted to help people like me, people that been into the same or similar situation like I did. I want them to know that there is a better solution without the added chemicals, a solution that does not require breaking the body to fix it. People with cancer, people with no energy, people with all sought of age-related illnesses, to know there is a solution that is as simple as drinking water, the right water.

I invested my and tire life savings, as well as the funds that I received from medical malpractice lawsuits, to build a state of the heart processing plant to manufacture this product. why, because I honestly believe in this product, if not for anything, but what it has done for me and for the countless customers since I have launched this product. I have gotten emails, Phone calls, Reviews, and Letters daily, thanking me for making this product available to them. sharing their Deuterium depleted journey with me, because just like I did not know anything about Deuterium depleted water, so do they.

Learn how to manage your health and manage your energy along the way, but also if you have had issues come along, or you really crash and burn like I did, then this is a great solution.

working upstream and working on the thyroid, the adrenals, the digestion, I would suggest starting down at the cellular level where the root of the problem really is. By you gaining your cellular energy your body's innate intelligence starts that repair process for you.

I started my journey at an early age due to my accident because I was forced to take a closer look at my health.

My hope is to help others avoid this and to help those to come out better on the other side after they go through deuterium depletion journey. we know there are ways to become better and feel better and do better.

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