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Modern Life Water

The most Deuterium Depleted Water known to man. Helps In Fast Metabolism & Higher Energy Levels. Optimize Your Cellular Energy By Depleting Deuterium With Modern Life Water, the Modern fountain of youth. check out what people are talking about click here

Learn the effects that deuterium has on our mitochondria. lighten up with Modern Life Deuterium depleted water.

Modern Life Water

Deuterium Depleted Water

Discover How To Decelerate Aging And Restore Your Mitochondria. Welcome to the Modern fountain of youth.



Deuterium is one of the three forms (called isotopes) of the first element, hydrogen. The first hydrogen isotope is named ‘protium’ (the most abundant by far and the lightest), consisting of a proton and an electron. Protium is commonly expressed by the symbol '1H’. The second isotope is named ‘deuterium’ (much less abundant than protium but twice as heavy due to the addition of a neutron). Deuterium is commonly expressed by the symbol ‘D’ or ‘ 2H’. The most important fact to know is that in nature, both protium and deuterium combine with oxygen to form water molecules.


Protium - 99.98% (by number)
Deuterium - 0.0156% (by number)
On our planet, for every 1,000,000 atoms of Hydrogen there are about 150 atoms of deuterium, (150 ppm)*.

*‘Parts-per-million’ means ‘out of a million’. It is commonly used to describe the concentration of something in a solution of water. One ppm is equivalent to 1 milligram of something per liter of water. learn more click here


What we commonly refer to as water, consume every day, use to prepare foods and beverages, irrigate our lawns, wash our clothes and put out fires, is more complex in its composition than is indicated by the popular chemical formula “H2O”. Chemically speaking, natural water predominantly consists of three molecules: H2O, HDO and D2O, and if you consider all the isotopes of oxygen and the various configurations, there are really 63 different types of water molecules known, in approximately the following ratios.

Deuterium depleted water (DDW), also referred to as light water is a term given to a unique composition of water in which the natural deuterium content is at least 15% less than 155 ppm, which the the deuterium content of the ocean and the highest level present in the natural waters on Earth. In a 1 Liter bottle of regular water there is about 6 drops of heavy water a.k.a, HDO.


Scientists, studying the cause of aging, discovered that even when a small amount of Deuterium containing Heavy Water is removed from normal water, the benefits are profound. Excess deuterium interferes in all biological process and is known to damage the mitochondria over time. Drinking deuterium depleted water allows you to reduce your total body burden of deuterium.

A few drops of heavy water in every glass of water we drink doesn't seem like much, but the cumulative effect is eye-opening, we have four times more deuterium in our blood than the most essential nutrients and minerals we require to live while deuterium slows down all reactions upto 9 times (9x)! This is known as the Kinetic Isotope Effect.

In 2007 it was published for the first time exactly how deuterium damages our ATP Synthase Nanomotors, responsible for producing ATP, (Adenosine-triphosphate) the main energy currency of life.


Modern Life Water is our brand of deuterium-depleted water (DDW). It is water which has a lower concentration of deuterium than occurs naturally. Daily consumption of Modern Life Water eliminates deuterium interference. Modern Life Water has a 94-97% lower concentration of deuterium than regular water. Modern Life Water is the most deuterium depleted water in the world which makes it ideal to be dilute with regular water from 1 to 4 times to obtain between 80 ppm -120 ppm deuterium depleted water. More value, less carbon footprint.

Why is Modern Life Water so expensive?

Removing deuterium, which cannot be done by any standard filtration, either distillation or reverse-osmosis is a complex energy intensive and time consuming process that must be done on an industrial scale. Our production is based on a method known as Low-Temperature Vacuum Rectification which imitates and amplifies the natural condensation, precipitation, and evaporation cycles of mother nature with better efficiency to remove up to 97% of the deuterium in water. The caveat is it takes specialized columns between upto sixty feet high to make it work, so a special facility was built. Only a few facilities exist in the world that produce deuterium depleted water on a commercial scale, in Russia, where it all started, Romania, Hungary, and a few Asian countries.

Where is Modern Life Water produced?

Modern Life Water is produced in our facility in a Fort Lauderdale FL. Water is obtained from a natural artesian well, purified by membrane technology and then processed using the method described above to separate the deuterium and using our proprietary technology Modern Life Water 5 & 10 ppm are created. It is analyzed and verified for purity then bottled at the source and shipped to global locations. How is Modern Life Water different than other brands of deuterium depleted water?

We offer the lowest available concentration of deuterium (most depleted) in the world. Modern Life Water is in a category below 25 ppm which is often referred to as ‘super light’. We offer the lowest deuterium water in world in plastic and glass.

How do I know Modern Life Water is truly deuterium depleted to 5 & 10 ppm? Every batch is tested before bottling and we guarantee accuracy to within ±3 ppm. We use the world’s most advanced stable isotope testing equipment known as fourth-generation cavity ringdown spectroscopy (CRDS) for unsurpassed precision and high accuracy. We test at our facilities in the U.S. and also verify our results with an independent 3rd party lab.

  • Flushes the system and helps to remove viruses from the body.

  • Remove and or reduce aging related ilnesses and slow aging.

  • Remove Toxins from the Bloodstream.